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Kombucha (Japanese, pronounced – con boo cha’) – Are you ready to unlock the secrets to a healthier, more energized life? Look no further than Kombucha tea – a potent 2000 year old elixir packed with probiotics that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. Say goodbye to sluggishness and hello to a longer, healthier life. And the best part? You can make this incredible beverage for free!

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Welcome to the world of Kombucha!

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What exactly is a Kombucha?

Kombucha Tea, despite its name, is not a mushroom but rather a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). It may resemble a pancake floating on the surface of the tea, but don’t let that fool you. This deliciously fermented tea tastes more like a refreshing apple wine cider, especially when made with orange-pekoe black tea. You can also experiment with green tea or various herbal teas to suit your taste buds. Trust me, you’ll savor every sip of Kombucha!

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The brewing process is fascinating. Once you introduce a Kombucha culture into a batch of prepared tea, the fermentation begins. Within 7 to 9 days, at the perfect brewing temperature, your tea is ready to be enjoyed. During this time, a new SCOBY, affectionately known as “the Baby,” grows on the surface of the tea. This “Baby” is then used to create another batch of tea. The cycle repeats, allowing you to have an endless supply of this incredible elixir!

Within the depths of the Kombucha mushroom lie a plethora of beneficial microorganisms, probiotic bacteria, and yeasts. These miraculous organisms work their magic, converting sugars in the tea into metabolic acids that aid in detoxifying your body.

Crafting your own Kombucha is as easy as child’s play. No need to invest in expensive kits or courses. Chances are, you already have everything you need right in your own home, or it’s just a quick trip away at a minor cost.

How to Make Kombucha Tea

Making Kombucha is easy and 5-year-old child could make it! There is no need to buy expensive kits or How to Courses for you to make Kombucha Tea. Everything you need to make this extraordinary beverage you probably already have in your home or can easily find.

Kombucha has been made for over 2000 years in a traditional manner. Those who first learned to make it this way could not write, never attended a biology class, nor did they have any  knowledge of probiotics.

Introducing the EZ Brew Method – the ultimate way to make potent Kombucha

I have developed a revolutionary brewing method called the EZ Brew Method . Not only does it simplify the process, but it also ensures a safer and more potent Kombucha. Those who have embraced this method rave about its superiority.

Unlike other brewing techniques, my proprietary EZ Brew Method  eliminates the risk of household mold contamination, a major concern for home brewers. This exclusive method is only available to my valued customers.

Don’t be fooled by the inferior methods, such as “continuous brewing,” touted on the internet solely to line the pockets of sellers. Choose the tried-and-true path to crafting high-quality Kombucha with the EZ Brew Method .

Join the legacy of Kombucha enthusiasts.

I was one of the first to start providing Kombucha cultures via the Internet as far back as 1993, back then few knew about Kombucha. It is known to be a beneficial health elixir, partly, through my efforts. Health practitioners and physicians now recommend Kombucha and it is now even sold in grocery stores.

Making Kombucha – The Old Way

Although I no longer recommend making Kombucha Tea the traditional way, here’s a glimpse into the old-fashioned way of making it:

Mix green tea or orange pekoe/black tea, sugar, and a touch of pasteurized apple-cider vinegar in water. Allow the culture to ferment in the tea for 7 to 9 days at a warm temperature. As the tea ferments, the Kombucha microorganisms feast on the sugar. Strain the tea and chill it in the fridge. While most people prefer white refined sugar for the best-tasting Kombucha, other “real” sugars can be used if so desired.

When you order, you’ll receive detailed instructions and personal support via email and telephone. I encourage you to reach out to me directly rather than searching for information on the internet, as it’s rife with misleading and confusing misinformation.

Affordable, high-quality Kombucha Tea at your fingertips

Making Kombucha at home is incredibly affordable, costing under $1.00 per gallon. Commercially bottled Kombucha, on the other hand, can cost as much as $4.00 for a small bottle. Why pay exorbitant prices when you can create a superior-tasting beverage yourself?

My cultures are both inexpensive and of exceptional quality. You can buy two cultures for only $39.00, with the option of keeping one as a backup or gifting it to a friend. And here’s a bonus: With the purchase of two cultures, you’ll receive the directions for making a remarkably effective Anti-Aging Skin Serum for FREE. Act quickly, as this limited time offer won’t last forever. For more information and to see the astonishing results of this serum CLICK HERE.

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If you want to share the Kombucha experience with more friends or relatives, consider purchasing four cultures for $13.00 each, or six cultures or more for only $11.17 each. I can provide you with a single culture for only $30.00 if you have no desire to buy more.

I stand behind my cultures

My cultures have a one time free replacement guarantee when you buy two or more and if for some reason you should need replacement cultures I send them to you for free, you only pay for S & H costs. Offer is not retroactive prior to October 1st, 2010 and does not apply to single (1) culture order.

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