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Kombucha Tea

Buy Kombucha cultures as low as $6.50 - Kombucha (Japanese, pronounced - con boo cha') is an amazing probiotic beverage that can energize and rejuvenate you. If your health matters, and you are seeking something to improve your health, you have found it! Kombucha Tea is potent, tastes great, it improves health, and you can VERY EASILY MAKE IT FOR FREE!
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Kombucha Tea is enjoyed by millions daily worldwide... They rave about its health benefits! It will become the most favorite beverage in your fridge.

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Kombucha Tea Info

On the seven (7) pages of this site you will see the real testimonials of people who drink this incredible probiotic beverage. There are many more testimonials about the health improvements and benefits seen from others on my Testimonial Page... Read them!

Chef Josef Desimone of Google makes this amazing tea for Google employees. Over 100 glasses are served every day at Google cafeterias. . . Wikipedia

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Please Note: My primary Kombucha cultures have been authenticated, containing genus Acetobacter bacterium and Saccharomyces yeasts, and lab tested and certified by IC Micromed Environmental Inc. to insure my cultures are free of all harmful pathogens.

I guarantee that my cultures are hearty and 100% organically pure, grown under lab clean conditions to insure that they are uncontaminated and unadulterated.

How to Make Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Tea is traditionally made using a kombucha mushroom or SCOBY. It is not a mushroom; it is only called a mushroom. It is something more like a lichen and it is also referred to as a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). When grown it looks like a pancake floating on the surface of the brewing tea. The sparkling beverage made from it does not taste like mushrooms. The taste is more like a wine apple-cider and it tastes great!

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Having a rough day? Drink this amazing tea daily and feel a whole lot better!

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When a Kombucha culture, or a mushroom (SCOBY), is placed into a batch of regular tea the tea begins to ferment; in 7 to 9 days it is ready to drink. During this time period a new SCOBY grows on the surface of the tea; this new mushroom is later used to make your next batch. Each time you make a batch of tea a new mushroom grows. Because of this fast reproductive cycle you can make an endless supply of this incredible elixir for FREE!

Kombucha America has now developed an easier and safer way to make a more potent Kombucha Tea . This new proprietary "Easy Brew Method" eliminates the risk of household mold contamination, until now this has been a major concern to home brewers of Kombucha. This copyrighted method of making this remarkable beverage using my primary cultures is only given to my customers and is not published publicly on the Internet else it be stolen by unscrupulous competitors and sold by them to my disadvantage.

Please note that the Easy Brew Method is not to be confused with the inferior way of making the tea that is called "continuous brewing". This way of making Kombucha is hawked by those who want you to buy extra stuff that you really do not need to make high quality Kombucha.

Testimonial: Received Kombucha culture early this month (April 2014) and just bottled second batch. The no B.S. approach Scott has is the best, Works like a charm. I will tell other to come here for their Kombucha. Thanks a million... W.P.B.

Read more testimonials further down on this page.

Buy Kombucha Cultures - Cost

Kombucha Tea when home brewed is very inexpensive to make costing only about 50 cents per gallon. Do not assume this minor cost is an indication of its value as a potent natural remedy; nothing could be further from the truth. You can buy it commercially bottle but it is expensive, costing as much as $4.00 for a small bottle. You will SAVE a lot of money by making your own delicious tea and it is not necessary that you pay the ridiculous high prices, to get you started, that others sell a single hyped mushroom for.

It is so easy to make, a 5 year old child could make it! You will need a culture to begin making the tea. No need to buy expensive kits or How to Courses now being sold on the Internet. Everything you need to make this extraordinary beverage you probably already have in your home or can easily find locally at very little cost.

All that is needed is a gallon glass container to brew the tea in, sugar, regular tea, a little apple cider vinegar, and a culture to start the fermentation of the tea. Customers receive full instructions to make this delicious elixir plus free and prompt email or phone support.

Cultures are inexpensive! At a discount price of only $11.00 each plus S & H you can buy two (2) cultures for $22.00. We recommend that you get two (2) cultures so that you can give the 2nd culture to a friend after you have successfully brewed your 1st batch. They will thank you greatly! Also,my cultures have a one time free replacement guarantee when you buy two or more. If for some reason, in the future, you should need replacement cultures we will send them to you for free, you only pay S & H costs. This offer is not retroactive prior to October 1st, 2010 and does not apply to single (1) culture order.

And a BONUS... With the purchase of cultures you can optionally receive the directions for making the very special and effective Anti-Aging Skin Serum that I have developed... For more info and see the results of using this serum CLICK HERE.

If you wish to share with more friends or relatives then four cultures can be purchased for $7.25 each or six cultures for $6.50 each.

If you do not desire to purchase two or more cultures we can provide you with a single culture for only $16.00 plus S&H.

Kombucha Testimonials

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