Kombucha Anti-Aging

Kombucha anti-aging effects are well known. Kombucha tea was known in China as early as 200 BC, during the reign of the Tsin Dynasty it was called the “Tea of Immortality” (Chá shénxian).

I am the owner of Kombucha America. I have been drinking Kombucha Tea daily for 23 years. I was 73 in April 2017, I don’t work out at a gym, and my photos have not been airbrushed. If I look way younger than 73. then I strongly suggest you start drinking Kombucha Tea now to start slowing down your aging because growing old gracefully, no matter what anyone tells you, isn’t what it is cracked up to be.

Recently I had to show a waitress my driver’s license because she would not believe I was as old as I said I was. It feels really good to have a younger woman flirt with you at my age. smiley face

I have talk to many individuals who have been drinking Kombucha for as long as I have and they all say they have experienced the same Kombucha anti-aging qualities. While it does not stop you from aging it seems to help slow down the process.

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The photo below is what I should look like at age 73 based on a photo of me taken many years ago that has been rendered by a software photo aging program. Surprising to me is that I resemble pretty much, in this aged photo, what my father look liked when he was 73 years old.


Now… If you notice my appearance in the below photos I think you would agree it’s pretty darn good for a person of my age.  And… I swear on my grandmother’s soul the photos have not been airbrushed. I do have minor forehead wrinkles but they are not apparent in the photos.

Now my facial complexion is not totally the result of drinking Kombucha but also in part due to a unique Anti-Aging Skin Serum that I have refined over the years. It is not Kombucha based. I am now informing my customers how to make this serum for their own personal use. If you use it you will not be disappointed and it is probably the only skin serum you will every want to use again!

Testimonial – Looking younger now!?

One of the beneficial anti-aging ingredients in my amazingly effective skin serum is Methylene Blue. For additional info read this article – Methylene Blue Fights Aging Skin

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You can easily make this amazing serum at home with the detailed directions I give you for FREE! All the ingredients for making the serum you can inexpensively purchase on Ebay. Similar Skin Serums could easily cost you over $100 per month as opposed to you making this remarkable Anti-Aging Skin Serum yourself for very little cost.

Do you know what the profit mark-up is on the brand name skin serums you now might be using? When you purchase these slickly and cleverly advertised serums you are paying for that advertising, plus distribution, packaging, administration, taxes, and research expenses. This in addition to the company’s insane profit mark-up of 300% to 600%. The actual cost of the ingredients to make what you pay for is just pennies of each dollar you spend.

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The last time I had a routine physical the physician was astounded at my physical appearance giving me an A+ stating that I was in excellent health except for a slightly lower white blood cell count than the population norm. That worried me so when I asked he told me that it was nothing to worry about and if I wanted to get my blood count up I would just have to get sick more often… Because my heath is so good my immune system has no need to produce the same amount of white blood cells that the general population finds it needs to produce to combat its ailments.

My blood pressure is 117 over 69 with a resting heart beat of 65. My weight is approximately 172 lbs with 13% body fat, height 5 ft. 8.5 inches.

I would not be promoting Kombucha if I did not believe it works to improve health. In my opinion Kombucha anti-aging effects are for real. I speak to customers every day who tell of their improved health. They often thank me for supplying them with quality cultures, detailed instructions, as well as for my customer support.

Testimonial – Physically 20 at 53

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“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” is an old English adage that unfortunately applies to many who will read about Kombucha, then do nothing. If the reason you are inclined not to try Kombucha is because you are skeptical then I suggest you read the testimonials on my testimonial page and think over this fact; Countless numbers of people have used Kombucha as a health elixir for over 2000 years. If it did not improve health it would have disappeared long ago, instead for hundreds of generations it has been passed down to us.

In the recent years Kombucha has been commercially bottled and sold in stores. It is one of the fastest growing new popular drink in the U.S. but prior to its commercial brewing it had always been home-brewed. It is easy, fast, and inexpensive to home brew Kombucha costing only about $1 per gallon. Home brewed Kombucha Tea has a better and fresher taste compared to the very expensive commercially bottled tea now being sold at $4.00 per small bottle.

The personal health of yourself and family is paramount but your financial health is also important. Medical bills and doctor visits can cost you thousands of dollars, drinking Kombucha might just save you a bundle. The equation is simple, staying healthy costs you less and you can not find a less costly way to staying health than by drinking this remarkable beverage.

Make a decision to order now so you can quickly start making your own home brewed Kombucha anti-aging tea for FREE… Make It a Good Day!

Testimonial – No wrinkles at 65

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Pearls Before Swine

Read the Fraud Warnings on Bogus Kombucha Products.

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