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Buy Kombucha - Order Form to pay cash, or by check, or money-order.

Place Order – Pay Cash

Thank you in advance for your business, it is appreciated. . . Scott

If you wish to pay by Credit Card or PayPal click here >  PayPal Logo Image

To order and pay cash, or by personal check, or money order print out and mail the address form below.

Please Note: I can only accept U.S. personal checks or money-orders.

For faster processing you can scan an image of the check/moneyorder and this order page (made payable to Acct. 60590) and sent it to me by email attachment. See further instructions below if you wish to send a scan or cell-phone photo of your check by email. Your order will be mailed out as soon as we receive your scan, or check photo.

All U.S.A. & Territories Orders (Check one):

_____ 1 culture for $30.00 USD

_____ 2 cultures for $39.00 USD (Recommended Amount)

_____ 4 cultures (Share with a friend) for $52.00 USD

_____ 6 cultures (Share with more friends) for $67.00 USD

Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept any international orders wishing to pay by cash or check.


City, State, Zip
Phone Number
E-mail Address (Print VERY Clearly)

___ Please check here if you emailed a copy of this order to us.

The following instructions below this sentence need not be emailed or scanned to us.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Cut Here – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Make money-orders or personal checks payable ONLY to “Acct. 60590


Please do not staple, paste, or tape checks to the order form.

I also except the following currencies if you wish to pay in cash – USD – EURO – Canadian $ – Mexico Peso – but do not send coin, round the amount being paid to the nearest paper note.

Click Here for International Currency Conversions

I recommend that you mail any cash payment in a properly sealed envelope with the cash wrap in aluminum foil. We cannot be held responsible for any cash payment that may become lost in the mail although such an occurrence would be rare.

In the event that a check payment is returned unpaid for Insufficient Funds, You understand and agree that the original amount plus a return item fee of $25.00 or the maximum allowed by law will be electronically debited from your bank account. In addition you agree to pay any costs, including attorney fees, if it becomes necessary for us to take legal action to recover payment.

You may also send a scanned gif/jpg image, or cell phone photo of your personal check or moneyorder as an attachment to an E-mail message. Be sure to include both your mailing address, phone number, and email address when sending a scan or cell phone photo by email to us:

Send the email to this address:

You order will be sent as soon as possible after I receive the order, usually the same or following mail day. You will be contacted by email when the order is received. It is highly recommended that you send a email scan or photo to me otherwise it may take a week for the payment to be received. After you have done this then you must still mail the check to me as I cannot cash an image of a check.

Mail to:

Kombucha America
2266 Cedar Point Ave
Point Roberts, WA. 98281

If you are NOT emailing a scan or sending a photo of the check please send me an email message letting me know that payment is on the way and the amount you are sending.

Any questions contact me by email or call – (360) 989-9464

Thanks again for your order!

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