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Easy Brew Method

(The recommended way of brewing more potent Kombucha)

Our Easy Brew Method provides an easier way to brew Kombucha without the risk of a mold contamination as well as information how to increase the tea's health benefits. This info is provided only to my customers who have purchased cultures from me. If I displayed this information publicly competitors would quickly copy the information and use it to their benefit and not mine.

The old traditional way of making Kombucha, that is widely published on the Internet and on the public pages of this web site, was passed done from people who made Kombucha more than 2000 years ago. These people never attended high school or took a course in biology. The outdated traditional way of making Kombucha is absolutely not the best way to make this remarkable beverage although this old way is widely hawked on the Internet.

The Easy Brew Method web page (link lower below) is password protected, when clicking on the below link you will be asked for a password.

A NEW password is now being used as of July 21st 2016. the old password will no longer work.

Read the next paragraph carefully.

The PASSWORD is the second word in the second sentence of the printed paper directions received with an order. This sentence begins with the number two - (2) - and the password starts with the letter "a". Use all small letters.

If you have lost the directions please email me and ask for them.

In the past some individuals have blantantly disregarded the copyright protection of my directions and have published instuctions/directions without my permission. This harms me financially.

All customers must now agree to honor my copyright by not publishing, or giving instructions, or images, to others who might publish this information, or give out the password so that others can access the information for free... stealing is not an honorable thing to do!

If any customer should violate my copyright protection or conspire with others to do so, they agree to pay me $50,000.00USD for each violation and further agree to pay all attorney and legal expense incurred in the collection of that sum. Plus... I will also tell your mama.

If you do not agree to these terms do not access the password protected page. IP addresses are recorded.

Click Here if you agree to the above terms and to go to the password protected page. Because of technological difference between mobile devices (Ipad - Tablets - Cell Phones) you may not be able to access this page if not using a personal computer. Contact me if you need assistance.

Directions for making the amazing skin serum I developed are to be found on another password protected page.

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