What you receive with your order:

1. Prompt processing of your order.
2. Directions to brew the tea the old fashion traditional way.
3. Directions to brew the tea using the new & superior Easy Brew Method
4. If you order two or more cultures you have a one time FREE replacement guarantee.
5. If you order two or more cultures you get directions, sent by email ASAP, to make my exclusive Anti-Aging Skin Serum for FREE; a limited time offer and a savings of $18.
6. My personal email and phone support anytime needed.
7. Free delivery insurance. The USPS, or your international mail carrier, loses your order I will send you a replacement order for free.

Testimonial – Easy Brew Method, Weight-Loss, Energy

Sorry but I do not accept credit card orders over the phone.  A secure credit card purchase can be made through PayPal’s on-line payment service below.

Pricing for Kombucha Cultures:

Best to buy a minimum of 2 cultures, using 1 to start brewing. The 2nd culture stored in the fridge as a backup in case something unforeseen should occur, or share with friend. Viable for 6 months or longer.

2 Cultures – $22.00 (Recommended Amt.) 
4 Cultures – $29.00 (share with friends)
6 Cultures – $39.00 (share with more friends)
1 Culture – $16.00

Order Kombucha Cultures
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After placing order to do not close the browser window until you see a “Thank You for Your Order” page

If using a credit card after clicking on “Buy Now” review the order and then click on the “CheckOut” button, or if you have money in your PayPal account click on “PayPal CheckOut”.

If you ONLY want the directions for making the Anti-Aging Skin Serum the cost is only $18.00 and $12.00 for the Easy Brew Method directions. Directions will be sent to you by email ASAP.  Just click on the “Buy Directions Only” button shown below.

Order Directions for:
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The world is not perfect, sometimes internet/software glitches do occur, if you have a problem completing a payment contact me by email or phone and I can send an email invoice which can be paid by credit card. Just let me know the number of cultures you wish to order. 

To buy Kombucha Cultures and pay by check click on check image below.

buy kombucha - pay by cash, check, or money-order

This amazing elixir is not only delicious but cost next to nothing to make. It may also save you a great deal of money by keeping you healthy, off medications, away from physicians, and out of hospitals!

If you are thinking of being frugal by only ordering 1 culture please understand that the small amount of an extra $6 gets you a 2nd culture. It also gets you free directions to make my Anti-Aging Skin serum,  and the protection of the replacement guarantee if something unforeseen happens.

Detailed instructions will be sent with your order. I provide free phone support and email support if you need any assistance, or have any concerns, about the proper brewing of this remarkable tea.

When you place and order to buy Kombucha Cultures your privacy is respected… I do not share any information you give with anyone nor do I send unsolicited advertisements.

When you pay by credit card your order is processed through PayPal. They inform me of your order. Your credit card number is not given to me. All orders placed through PayPal are handled on their secure web sites (https).

Your order will be sent out 1st class airmail within 24 hours if not the same mail day you placed the order. Delivery, in the USA, usually takes 3 to 5 mail days. Depending on what country you live in international delivery can take longer. Tracking numbers are issued by PayPal on orders that have U.S. addresses.

When you get your tracking number go to www.usps.com and enter the number and elect to have them notify you by email the daily location of your order as it is headed to you. Allow 24 hours for the tracking number to first be registered into the mail system.

During hot summer months do not have the cultures delivered to an outside mailbox that might be exposed to a hot summer sun, these turn into little ovens killing the cultures. Likewise, during winter months a solid freezing can also kill the cultures. To avoid them being killed by excessive heat or cold you can notify your local post office, via the USPS web site, to hold mail for personal pick-up until the cultures are delivered. If being delivered to your mailbox retrieve them as soon as they are delivered, or in some way fix the mailbox door so that it remains open allowing heat to vent. If cultures are killed by the heat or freezing we will replace them for free but customers are responsible for payment of S&H costs.

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